European Youth Capital 2015La Laguna wants to become the European Youth Capital in 2015. This is the first round the city has to pass, the European Youth Forum is the institution evaluating the projects. The title will be given in November 2012. La Laguna is the only Spanish city applying for the title. It will have to compete with other cities in Russia, Romania and Italy.

Our project is divided into 7 main lines of work. They are linked by the word EMPOWER. Each initial represents one of these lines of work:

  • Exchange: of people, culture, ideas. Because we can take advantage of our location among three continents.
  • Movement: because we move, learn, study. Because we don’t stop.
  • Participation: because we can be the protagonist, active and collaborative citizens.
  • One World: because we can keep on being a cohesive city and show it.
  • We Can: because we can build a sustainable, healthy future.
  • Employment: because we have to face a challenge, because we have potential to use.
  • Re-invention: because we have the opportunity to propose solutions, ideas, activities.

LaLagunaCatedralWithin this 7 lines of action there are more than 60 projects, planned and done by more than 20 different youth associations. Our motto is “we can and we want”.

Why can we and why do we want to be the European Youth Capital in 2015?

Because this initative promotes the implementation of new ideas and innovative projects as well as youth participation. For this purpose the city must have an egalitarian and supportive society.

During that year, La Laguna could be in the limelight for Europe. We can show what we are and what we do, generate more ideas and future projects and increase relationships with young people from all Europe.| | |

Do you like the project?

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