Accommodation during the exchange

Residence outside

Thanks to an agreement between Canary Islands Government and La Laguna city council, we can use this residence to host the project participants, from 2nd to 11th of July 2012.

The school residence “Pedro García Cabrera” is an educational center that houses those students without ordinary means of communication because they live in scattered populations or lack of a school publicly funded in its area of influence, no access to those levels of study they wish to undertake, or socio-economic conditions make it appropriate to ensure their level of education or their maturing conditions.

Residence Yard

This school residence aims the full development of personality of the student through an integral human formation and respect for democratic principles of coexistence and the rights and fundamental freedoms, and promoting actions to help students in their training for the exercise future professional activities.

Pedro García Cabrera (1905-1981), was one of the great canarian poets of the twentieth century. He was born in Vallehermoso (La Gomera) on August 19, 1905. In his teens he moved to Tenerife to study in high school and enroll in the School of Education at the University of La Laguna, and very young, joined in the nucleus of writers demanding and dissatisfied, that were fertilized by poetry and the plastic of the historical vanguards.


The residence has more than one hundred rooms, plus some special spaces for the development of activities (computer room, study room, TV room, etc. There are bathrooms and showers spread over the diferent floors.

There are other spaces attached to this residence that belong to the attached high school: chess room, newspapers library, video room, table tennis room, exhibition hall, courts, sports hall, auditorium, library, bar, and audiovisual room.

How to arrive to the residence

The residence is located quite near to the city center, and it is just 5 minutes walking away from the tram and bus Station in La Laguna. Check the transportation page to know more about public bus and tram.

Address: Avda Lora and Tamayo, 2 La Laguna
24 hours helpline: +34 922 630 849


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Where to stay the first or last days

If you are arriving to Tenerife earlier than July, 2nd 2012, or if you are staying in the island longer than July, 11th 2012; you would need to have find other accommodation not covered by the project. We recommend:

  • Couchsurfing, free online service for staying anywhere in the world, where you may find someone you free hosting.
  • Staying in a hostel, pension or hotel. We leave this list of establishments. Choose the one you prefer.

The following information is just indicative and may be inaccurate:

In La Laguna

Guesthouses and hotels

Name Address Phone Web / E-Mail Price * Others
* Price for single room (S), double (D) and triple (T).
Pensión Berlin Perdomo Marcelino Reyes, 1 922255043 S: 30-40 € D: 40-60 €
Pensión Medina Eduardo Roo, 68 (La Cuesta) 922660848 S: 18 € D: 30 €
Pension Padrón Nuñez de la Peña, 29 922259116 S: 20 € D: 30 €
Hotel Nivaria Plaza del Adelantado, 11 922264298 S: 48 € D: 73 €
Hotel Aguere Obispo Rey Redondo, 57 922259490 S: € 52.20 D: € 67.50 T: € 85.50 Includes breakfast

In Santa Cruz


Name Address Phone Web / E-Mail Price *
* Price for single room (S), double (D) and triple (T).
Pensión Casa Blanca Viera y Clavijo, 15 922278599 No S: 15 € D: 21 €
Pensión Cejas San Francisco, 47 922281872 S: 15 € D: 30 €
Pensión Milema Simon Bolivar, 3 922225879 S: 15 € D: 30 €
Pensión Mova San Martin, 33 922283261 D: 22-26 €

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