Memory Pills” wants to open a debate about what it meant to our ancestors the idea of Europe, and what it means for our youth today. Through interviews collected in small videos in the format “pill”, we want the young participants to establish an intercultural and inter-generational dialogue, to see the different point of view, about where Europe begins and ends, and the environmental impact we have, and that we have had, on the land we inhabit.

Teide atardecerParticipating groups were selected from all over Europe, taking into account the type of activities they do. Participants come from the ultra periphery region, Canary Islands; and from central and northern Europe, young people come from Slovenia, Latvia, and Slovakia.

Participants also will show some of the traditions of their homelands and have the opportunity to participate in one of the most popular traditional parades of the Canary Islands, which attracts thousands of visitors, and where we want participants to share dances, cuisine, and folklore.

Finally we will share on Internet all the “pills” for young Europeans never lose their memory.


groupphotoWith the project “Memory Pills” we focus on open a dialogue about what the idea of Europe is for young people, and compare that idea with what we can bring our elders through their testimonies and traditions. To do this, we propose to use media and new technologies to recover and interpret the heritage of different cultures that make up the idiosyncrasies of Europe today.

With regard to the objectives and priorities of the program during the 10 days together, we will focus on encouraging the participants the concept of European citizenship, and also will promote coexistence and tolerance among young people from different countries through dynamic non-formal education, cultural and leisure activities, and environmental education activities.

According to the project aims, a significant proportion of the participants come from a situation of social inclusion of a variety of contexts, the exchange will be inclusive and focused on the elimination of cultural barriers and stereotypes and discrimination are among young people. Will also give both the young participants and local youth about the active participation in their own environment and the possibilities at European level in terms of mobility.


romeríaAs others specific objectives, we want to present the traditions of each region to have the opportunity to participate in local festivals and to foster the cultural exchange.

Finally we will enjoy specific workshops on environmental education and awareness of environment that will help sensitize to participants about environmental problems affecting our islands, and discuss the changes undergone in the country of origin of each organization, and what the possible changes that we face, particularly regarding to the use of resources, land use and climate change.

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