Baile de MagosIn “Bailes de magos” (peasants’ dances), people from Tenerife wear their traditional dresses and enjoy the traditional music and cusine. They are named like this because “mago” is an expression that, in islands own speech, means peasant or countrypeople.

These dances are very common in Tenerife traditional parties and there is only a few municipalities that don’t celebrate it. These dances usually take place outdoors and it is compulsory to wear the traditional costume to enter in the hall of dance.

Baile de Magos ChacarasExchange participants could enjoy deeply this tradition. They could mix themselves with locals, share their table, taste traditional dishes and wine. There was life music and dancers everywhere.

In addition, Partizia, from Slovakia, was the only participant who could bring a traditional dress from her country. She wear it during the event and many people was surprised and took photos with her.

We learned to dance a canarian polka, and take part in a group dance called “isa”, with more than 100 people. Some participants were helped by local people to learn some canarian dances, others were taught on how to play a traditional instrument called “chácaras”…

It was a great night that everybody enjoyed and was commented during the nexts days.

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