Presentation Wacht on Youtube What changes has brought the European Union? Wacht on Youtube How do you see the future of Europe in 10 years time? Wacht on Youtube What’s good to be european? Wacht on Youtube What does it

Exchange videos

Slovak presentation Wacht on Youtube Tancuj, tancuj, vykrúcaj! (Slovak folk song) Wacht on Youtube Salsa dance Wacht on Youtube Slovenian presentation Wacht on Youtube Baile de magos Wacht on Youtube Romería de San Benito Wacht on Youtube All videos Wacht


The project and the youth exchange, in which participated also Slovakia, was very interesting, learned and also everybody enjoyd the full programm. First, it was nice and lovely, to meet first evening many young people from different countries. The feeling

Las Teresitas final evaluation

Last day of the exchange and it is already in our heads the idea that we have to say goodbye. It’s time to spend the day together, sharing our experience and feelings. We reflected on what we have learned, what has surprised us and the evolution we have experienced.

We also put together everything we’ve done these days, and we value what we liked most and what we liked least.

Stereotypes and tolerance workshop

Stereotypes and tolerance workshop

Tolerance WorkshopOur mind needs to create stereotypes, but we are the ones who have great power to turn them into tolerance or prejudice, that was the idea for that workshop.

Already during the kayakactivity Memory Pills exchange participants were talking about the stereotypes they have about different countries.

Later, after returning to the residence, taking as starting point academic information by researchs in the field, the knoledge was involved in several games that helped through learning by doing. We imagined a German person and suddenly we had a lot of stereotypes about their nation in our brain. Then we imagined someone from Bhutan and we were all silent…