Las Teresitas final evaluation

Last day of the exchange and it is already in our heads the idea that we have to say goodbye. It’s time to spend the day together, sharing our experience and feelings. We reflected on what we have learned, what has surprised us and the evolution we have experienced.

We also put together everything we’ve done these days, and we value what we liked most and what we liked least.

Playa jardín & Puerto de La Cruz

Playa jardín & Puerto de La Cruz
Puerto woman selling fishPuerto de La Cruz was the place where tourism began in the Canaries. In 1886, this small port of La Orotava Valley established the first hospital of the Canary Islands to welcome sick tourists . It was also the first Spanish european resort.  Nowadays remains as common destination for visitors from Germany, Britain and Spain, mainly.

It was originally a fishing village that grew as the local trade increased. The sugar trade was replaced by wine trade, establishing its export boom in the second half of the sixteenth century, giving way to a process of social and economic development.