AURIVolunteers will have the opportunity to participate and collaborate in the organization of all activities carried out by our association, both in the regular activities of language exchange, workshops, tours, lectures, and workshops, etc. as in activities any such exchanges, seminars, and travel. In addition, each volunteer will have the opportunity to promote new activities according to their abilities and interest.

We hope that the volunteer can provide significant support in the youth information office, that we have in the University to inform about the mobility, work and volunteering opportunities in Europe.

We want that the main task of the volunteer is serving as the point of connection and promotion of voluntary activities carried out by students at the local level, such as free language classes in social centers, or work on awareness campaigns, recycling, or cleaning of natural protected areas. Our intention is that the European Voluntary Service get increasing numbers of young people and students who engage in voluntary work, so that serves as an example and have a multiplier effect.

During these months of project activities in the AURI the volunteer will be provided by different activities and also the possibilities to realize his own ideas. The main activities of voluntary service will take place in the information office, by organizing the activities, and also outside by running the activities. Some of the activities will be realized in cooperation with other social institutions of La Laguna, such as Youth House or Citizens Centers.