La GomeraWith the project “Weaving Future” we want the youngster of the island of La Gomera become the creators of their own future, accessing the educational and mobility options offered by Europe.

We want to weave contact networks between the different groups of the island, and with youth groups from other parts of Europe, to share successful examples that can be applied to the island territory, by the young people themselves.

During nine months selected volunteers take charge of energizing the associative live of the island, encouraging young people to participate in all kinds of local events with the support of Youth Council of Cabildo de la Gomera, with activities such as music, sports, education and leisure activities, and contacting these local groups, with youth groups related in other parts of Europe, in order to show the opportunities they have to run their own initiatives.

With the necessary support, volunteers will use non-formal education tools to achieve that the local youth can have the same opportunities for personal development that has all young Europeans, and can go over geographic limitations, by using new technologies .

Finally we want local youth, with the support of volunteers to propose and develop a personal project to organize a youth exchange in the next edition of the Youth in Action, so that is the first of that to be organized in Gomera.

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