HFE hangingTo better understand the motivations of participants, and adjust the activity program to their demands, we held a workshop in which young people exposed their fears and expectations about the exchange on a mural made with laundry clothing.

Everyone had to create their own shirt and trousers with craft paper. On the shirt they wrote their fears and worries about the exchange. On the trousers, they expressed their hopes and expectations. Then, every piece of clothing was put in wall like hanging out the laundry; so everyone could see all group fears and expectations.

HFE cutting

All the clothing and the ideas in it will be in that wall during all the exchange, so participants can check their fears, hopes and expectations, and realise how they change.

At the end of the exchange, the group will meet again to check if their predictions have come true, and if they managed to overcome their fears.

After this workshop, the secret friend game was presented. Every participant has another participant as secret friend, so he or she has to take care of him o her without be noticed. This game will be played during all the exchange and it is a way to create group awareness.

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