MP fotogrupocamisetasToday was the turn of knowing the city where we are: La Laguna. And for that, the monitors had prepared a City Rally, an activity which consists in following clues and overcoming small challenges throughout the city. Participants were divided into 5 groups of mixed nationalities and had to follow instructions which helped them learn the most characteristic of the historical city in a fun way.

Today was also the press conference to present the song of the candidacy of La Laguna for European Youth Capital in 2015.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a workshop on how to interview well, how to choose the questions, how to get good answers and get valuable opinions. Later we returned to the center of La Laguna to implement what we had learned: we interviewed people on the street. The objective of this activity was to work the issues of the project: European citizenship, which is the idea we have of Europe and how it has changed between generations … It was a fun experience, and the collected opinions will be compared with the ones from other countries.

To finish the day, the Slovak group made a presentation of his country and we ended up dancing and singing (in Slovak, of course) a traditional song. It was a perfect day.

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