Interview workshop1“What happen if somebody refuses to give interviews? Why is eye contact so important? To which person of the 100 that are on the street approach for an interview?” This and other questions were answered in the interview workshop that helped the participants to prepare for the video interviews conducted on the streets of La Laguna.

Through various methods of non-formal education, young people understood the importance of prior preparation and the steps to follow to get a good interview. There was much talk about situations that they would live in just one hour after the workshop and how to face them. “What is the first thing to say starting a street interview? How do you convince people? Why do they want to read the questions before the interview video?”

Interview workshop2Interview LaLaguna1“What we really want to know and we want to ask to La Laguna people?” was one of the key questions. After working in groups, each one presented their ideas. “What stereotypes have you about Latvia? How can they see the future of the European Union? What has the European Union given you?” These and much more questions filled the workshop room.

Each group of about 4 people had a camera to record videos with great interest and all went on the streets of La Laguna to talk with local people and find their views on topics of interest for young people from Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia and Spain.

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