Latvian presentation1The Latvian group presented their country.Upon entering each person received a bracelet with antique and traditional designs that represent ancestral beliefs.

As participants are from different cities, each one spoke a bit of his own: Riga (the capital), Daugavpils and Liepaja.  They had also brought many products from their country, such as delicious chocolates with exotic flavors. We also tried a cold soup of black bread with berries and fruit that was sweet and delicious.

After the presentation, the Latvian group used their creativity and made a small theater comparing Spanish  and Latvian customs. It showed different situations and how do react Spaniards and Latvians, always in a fun and respectful way.

We saw a video of the Latvian National Festival of Song and Dance. Held since 1873, brings together all Latvian styles of music and dance and theatrical performances. It is a real event in the cultural life of the country, with a duration of one week, acting arround 40,000 performers in all categories. In the “Dance Great Show” 13,500 dancers act simultaneously, the end is tremendous: 20,000 singers participate in an outdoor concert in Mežaparks.

Latvian presentation2We ended up dancing. First, a dance in which couples had to hit the hands, elbows, knees, back and ankles, faster and faster. Then we made a game that is a group dance in which we must imitate a person who is at the center.