Participating groups were selected from all over Europe, taking into account the type of activities they do. Participants come from the ultra periphery region, Canary Islands; and from central and northern Europe, young people come from Slovenia, Latvia, and Slovakia.

20 Participants. (4 participants +1 Leader)

  • Grupo P Diecinueve (Slovakia) is an informal youth group in Slovakia (Prievidza) which works with young people from secondary schools. Their activities are based on informal education: they develop activities for young people to serve as an alternative to passive and harmful lifestyles that are currently spread among young people. They participate in various cultural activities, sports and competitions in different branches. Their main objectives are: to encourage youth participation, develop relationships with local institutions to cooperate in international projects to broaden the european perspective of young people, getting to know other countries and promoting tolerance among different cultures.
  • Javni zavod Mladi zmaji (Slovenia) is an organization established as part of the City of Ljubljana’s Youth Office. It has started setting up youth centers around the city as places with organized, easy-to-use free-time activities, where young people can just be themselves: creative, positive, and curious. They use informal learning, everyday socializing, and many other ways to motivate visitors to gain new knowledge and skills, meet interesting people, broaden their horizons, and overcome their own limitations.
  • RED-Radošu Efektu Darbnïca (Latvia) in english “RED – Creative Effect Workshop” is open for every young person, who is creative, helpful, active, ready for adventures and challenges and who wants to make Latvia knowledgeable, skilled, joyful, helpful, or just a great place to live, grow and be happy. Their goals are to give youngsters the freedom for creative expressions and promote intercultural dialogue among different cultures and individuals.
  • Spain:
    • Isla CreActiva: Isla CreActiva is a new NGO that organizes activities with the aim to promote social cooperation in a local and international level, active citizenship, new initiatives and creative ideas about tolerance and cooperation for people from different cultural and social origins.
    • AURI ULL: University Association for International Relations (AURI), is a non-profit association founded in 2006 by a group of students with the aim of help the exchange students, that want to go abroad, and those that arrive to Tenerife. Since that time we continuous growing up, and developed some more different activities as working also in the field of volunteering, European awareness and environmental education.

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