RomeriaA romería is a celebration of Catholic origin consisting of a journey or pilgrimage (in festooned carts, carriages, on horseback or on foot) that goes to a sanctuary or chapel of the Madonna or the patron saint of the place, typically located in a country setting or mountain.

Romería attracts legions of people dressed in the traditional manner of the islands, singing folk songs and offering the most representative culinary products to the present people. This gives this event a colorful and an excellent opportunity to learn about an important aspect of canarian and spanish culture.

We started from morning decorating our wagon with the flags of the participating countries in the exchange and some logos. We also prepare some food to be handed out later.

From the wagon, during the tour, food was distributed. The partying rondallas and musical groups entertained along the way. From our wagon purchased fruit in the local market was partitioned, also gofio with honey and almonds done for us and organic papaya produced in the farms we visited in earlier days. In addition, during the event we met a local television: MírameTV, whose reporter interviewed us.

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