Slovenian presentation1Slovenian participants presented their country. They have brought sweets and welcome us with heart-shaped cookies. Let’s meet sLOVEnia!

In the part of the country where Brigita and Monika live, there is a great tradition in the honey production. The beehives are made from natural materials and are bell-shaped. In addition, each beehive has at its door a small table with drawings. The drawings depict traditional scenes and are very old. They are different for each hive, so bees can locate the hive in which they live.

Slovenian presentation2Slovenian Quiz! After the presentation of the country, it was time to check how much the audience knew about Slovenia. There were questions about the national anthem, the major cities, its largest port, etc.. The group from Slovakia was the one who gave more correct answers and also the fastest one. Slovenian group members were surprised by everything that they knew of his country.

We ended up dancing the broom polka: it is a game and a dance in which someone is left with no partner and has to dance with the broom… but that person decides when to change partners by dropping the broom, this way the broom pass to another person. Very funny.

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