The project and the youth exchange, in which participated also Slovakia, was very interesting, learned and also everybody enjoyd the full programm.

First, it was nice and lovely, to meet first evening many young people from different countries. The feeling was very greatfull and it means, the group had from the beginning good basis for the next days. The visit of some local places with local guides help us, to understand better, what does it mean, to live on Tenerife, how is the life here and of course, why the weather change so often in only few kilometers, because this was for the most of us one question, which we didn’t understand at the beginning.

The vulcano has a big influence on the islands, of course because of the genesis and it hat effect on a lot of things. That´s why we can enjoy big mountains together with many beaches and it was everytime different. I think, the most of us liked the black sand.

And what about the opinions about the European Union?! Of course there are differences, it depends of the age-group the interviewed persons. But we were also very positively surprised, that also young people know the history of the Slovakia, although this state is still very young. But there are also people, they mean, they were already in Slovakia, as example mentioned they unfortunately Prag, the capital of the Czech Republic. Anyway, like in the most countries, some people are afraid of the currency and work possibilities for young generation. Like in the most EU countries, people can go to live or to work here.

We met such people on bio plantations, where they plant papaya or bananas, what means hard working for everybody. At the end of our Exchange, we hat the possibility, to find out something new about two participants from the spanish group, who cames from Africa. I think, I speak for everybody, that their life and destiny was, respectively is moving. I want to thank, that we had the possibility to get know all this people and participate on this projekt. THANK YOU 🙂

Patrizia, Slovakia

I´ts great to see when you upload your pictures the great time we have!! I still have to share a lot of them.
I want to thank all the people for a great project, and specially because thank to your participation we pass from a simple idea to a reallity that come true.
Now is your time to create new ideas and transform into new realities, good luck with your future proyects !!

David, Spain. Project coordinator.

THANK YOU!!!!! It has a wonderful, inspiring, amazing, transfixing, breathtaking exchange! Actually, I must admit that in the very beginning I felt a little pessimistic, but now I realize that it is not always studies who teach but people!

I miss our morning hugs, our patient and tolerant organizers, I cannot wake up in the morning because nobody is singing ;), I wanna see Isaac and Mamadou always smiling at me, I miss nice ladies in the dining room who were serving us such delicious meals, I miss Julia to tell me not to worry so much… I miss You, guys! All of You! Thanks.. Hope we meet again someday!

Irina, Latvia

Hi all, I hope all you are well, just wanted to say thanks to all for this opportunity to meet each of you, I understand more in this world we are Us!, I hope in future to see some of you….. tra la tra laaa jaja graciaaas

Isaak, Spain (and Guinea)

Today for me was the worst working day ever, as I all the time remembered MP, and all MP people, and all nice places we visited.. so made a lot of stupid mistakes at work! 

Anyway, big thank you all organizers for making this time in Tenerife full of surprises, organizing all wonderful places we visited, taking care of us, making very comfortable living, a.s.o – you really rock guys!! Special thanks for you patience with us – chaotic Latvian group 😛

And thank you all participants for just being in this project!!!! 
Hope to meet you all again 🙂

Lasma, Latvia

Also want to say a big thank YOU for sharing that adventure with us! We are already missing you.. We hope that the exchange had made a difference in your lifes as much it has done in ours. 

These days we have seen changes in all of us.. spite it was only for a few time, we could see an evolution.. and for me it worth all the work done!

We still have things to do in this project.. but what it is more important, we can do many things together in the future!
A big hug for all of you

Jonathan, Spain

I would like to say something. Firstly, big thank you to David and others who organised this project. I had a wonderful time on Tenerife, I saw many things that we don’t have in our country and visited a lot of interesting places.

I brought home a lot of memories with me. Also I would like to say thank you to all participants, all of you are great people and I’m glad I had a chance to get you know. I hope that all of you arrived home safely and without problems (I read that Brigita’s luggage was stolen and I’m sorry for that). I regret that we didn’t have more time to spend with each other and I think that the only negative thing in this project was that we had to leave in the end. Thank you all for all the memories and my biggest wish now is that someday we will meet again.

Jakub, Slovakia

As you know my bag was stolen so I want to apologize because we had no pictures to share with you 🙁
I would like to say thank you to all organizers and thank you to all participants. I miss all of you because you are all very special to me and you accrue to my heart. 

I would also like to say thanks for notes. I am glad that I read them at the airport because they were in bag which has been stolen. 
Although I do not have pictures, notes, gifts ect. anymore I have many wonderful memories which will remain forever and thank you all for these momories.
And as already Jakub said I hope that someday we will meet again.

Big hug :*

Brigita, Slovenia