Tolerance WorkshopOur mind needs to create stereotypes, but we are the ones who have great power to turn them into tolerance or prejudice, that was the idea for that workshop.

Already during the kayakactivity Memory Pills exchange participants were talking about the stereotypes they have about different countries.

Later, after returning to the residence, taking as starting point academic information by researchs in the field, the knoledge was involved in several games that helped through learning by doing. We imagined a German person and suddenly we had a lot of stereotypes about their nation in our brain. Then we imagined someone from Bhutan and we were all silent…

We all know that never again we’ll stay the same when hearing the name of such countries as Slovenia, Latvia, Slovakia and Spain, because exchange participants have given us a ton of information about their countries, culture, traditions and so on. It was a time to start sorting the information obtained and try to strive to understand what we have learned in these days about other countries and the stereotypes we have created?

Are the Spanish not punctual? Are Latvians “cold” people? After saying the stereotype, referred participants commented if they agreed or not with each statement. We laughed a lot! We realized that we obtained stereotypes on different countries and we are aware that we will not let them change into prejudices.

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