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We will set up a meeting point, at LA LAGUNA bus station, and collect all arrival timetables, to help you with your connections. Check How to arrive instructions for more information.

Guagua (bus)

bonotitsaIn the Canary Islands and in some parts of South America it is used the word “guagua” (pronounced wa-wa ) to name the bus. Tenerife Intercity Transport SA (TITSA) is the company that is providing public service buses for the entire island of Tenerife. There are lines of buses that connect almost every village of the island, but the frequencies vary depending on the time and also on weekends. It is therefore advisable to consult the timetable for planning your travel. In the bus station of La Laguna and Santa Cruz Exchanger can get a free map with timetables and routes of interurban and urban areas. Here’s the pdf version:

There are two ways to pay the trip:

  • Directly on the bus, in cash. When boarding the bus, the front door, pay to the driver and remove the ticket. The ticket is valid only for one travel. In the long distance lines you should tell the driver your destination, so he/she can calculate the price based on distance. Please note, for security reasons, the driver is not required to have change for tickets at or above 20€.


  • Using a voucher. A “bono” (voucher) is a prepaid travel card that you buy at bus stations and some kiosks. There are many variations, but the most common cost 12 or 20€* . To pay for the trip is necessary to introduce them into the validator found in each bus next to the driver. The price of the trip can take up to 50% discount. Using a Metropolitan Line bonus, the trip costs 1€*, and student costs 0.75€*. Each time you use will be recorded on the obverse the remaining balance.

Types of vouchers

As visitor, in case you would like to use public transportantion, the “bono-vía” voucher is the most convenient.

  • Bono-Vía: It may worth 12 or 30 €*. Allows only one hour transfer at tram and bus lines. The price of the journey is 1€* in metropolitan bus lines, 0.75 €*in Santa Cruz urban lines and 0.55 €* in urban areas of La Laguna. Can be used by multiple users and the ticket can be up to 50% cheaper on journeys over 20 km comparing to pay in cash.
  • Abono-mes / Monthly subscription: It costs 40 €* and is available in vending machines and Tram kiosks. It is valid for one month after their first use. Allows use in some lines of metropolitan buses and all tram lines, every time the user needs. In the rest of the lines this voucher does not work.
  • bonomesStudents of the University of La Laguna: ULL students have an additional discount of 10%. Its use is reserved for students at ULL.
  • All vouchers in the header containing the word TRANVÍA: “UN VIAJE TRANVÍA” (single ticket tram) and “IDA Y VUELTA TRANVÍA” (go and return tram) are not valid on the buses.
  • You can also use the voucher to enter many of the museums in Tenerife for only 1.50€*.

What to do when the voucher is over?

When a voucher is exhausted, there are two options:

  • Using it on the bus (this option can not be done on the tram): when to cancel the voucher, an acoustic signal will warn the driver and display on a screen the amount payable in cash to complete the tour price. You can not pay what they lack by introducing another voucher.
  • Changing it on station buses or a tram station. In this case you need to pay a new voucher less the remaining balance.

* Current prices in May 2011. May have changed, for an update visit | +34 922 53 13 00.

Main Lines

  • Santa Cruz / La Laguna – North Airport (Los Rodeos): 102 – 107 – 108 to 343
  • La Laguna – Santa Cruz: 014 to 015
  • Santa Cruz – Puerto de la Cruz: 101 – 102 – 103
  • La Laguna – Bajamar: 105 to 050
  • Santa Cruz – Teresitas Beach: 910 (exchanger)
  • Santa Cruz – Playa de las Americas: 110 – 111
  • Santa Cruz – South Airport: 111 – 340 to 343


Line 1, with 21 stops, links Santa Cruz de Tenerife (exchanger) with La Laguna (Trinidad) in 38 minutes. Line 2, with 6 stops between La Cuesta and Tíncer, allows transfers to line 1. The mean time at each stop is 20 seconds. 

Map with tram lines and main connections with buses >> 

Rates and vouchers

bonoviaThe tickets and vouchers can be purchased at retailers who are in each tram stop or on the exchanger (buses and tram station of Santa Cruz). The ticket can NOT be purchased inside the tram. When accessing the tram is necessary to enter the ticket or voucher in the canceller. The fine for traveling without a ticket is 400 €.

  • Single ticket: 1.30€* .. Valid for 1 week without transshipment. Valid only for tram.
  • Go and return ticket: 2.45€* . Valid for 1 week in each direction, with no changes, the day of first validation.Valid only for tram.
  • BonoVía: 12 and 30€* . Valid for multiple trips by tram or bus up to a 12 or 30 Euros* . In the tram, the canceling discounted 1€* for each trip. Allows free transfers with metropolitan buses lines under certain conditions.
  • BonoVía (student University of La Laguna)
  • Monthly subscription:40€*.

The vouchers for buses of 10, 20 and 30 urban travels, do not work on the tram.

Using the voucher

bonoexpendedoraThe voucher or ticket can be purchased at vending machines in each one of the tram stops. They acept banknotes and coins, gives change and work 24 hours. Inside the tram is not possible to buy the voucher or pay to the driver. It is necessary to cancel the travel voucher or ticket when boarding the tram: There are one or two canceling machines next to each one of the doors of the tram. In the back of the voucher will be printed the time, day and the line used in addition to the remaining balance.

When a voucher has insufficient funds for a trip (usually less than 1€) can be exchanged for a new one. You can change them in bus station or tram stops. In this case you need to pay a new voucher less the remaining balance. Vending machines in each tram stop conveniently allow the change. 

*Current prices in March 2011. May have changed, for an update visit

Radio-Taxi Service in La Laguna

Taxis in La Laguna are white and have the seal of the city on the side. 

  • Ucanca Radio Taxi: 922 255555
  • Dácil Radio Taxi: 922 253677 / 922 253687 / 922 258806

Taxi stops in La Laguna city center


See Transportation Map in a larger map

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