video workshopThe workshop about the video edition was the first step for the participants in order to gain knowledge to make the “pills” that later will constituted one of the most visible results of the project. Following the indications of the speakers, participant could see how to make a video beginning from some of the interviews they have done the same day to people on the streets.

Taking one of them and using a simple video edition program, participants learnt how to cut and paste, put subtitles and even put music in their videos. The final result was a funny video of one minute length that was done by professor following the indications and preferences of the participants.

After that, it was the turn of learning by doing, participants were divided in the same groups done for the interviews and started to edit their videos with the help of the teachers. Many ideas of the structure of the videos were discussed and the final result was quite diverse from group to group confirming the saying “an idea is not good or bad, it always depends of how you look at it”.

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